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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finals Day...

It was a tense start to the day, quickly running through pre-checks with the robot to ensure that we won our final game. We'd left the battery chargers at the cabin...

Never mind, we had fresh batteries and a quick trip in the car remedied the problem. Meanwhile the scouting for alliance partners was taking place in earnest.

Our final match in the qualifiers matched us with an OK robot, against competition that was of a reasonable standard. Not a problem, apart from we won too well leaving us lower on the special points then we'd have liked. An excellent drive by Mitch though which got us noticed, again.

This lead to a 15th placing out of 99 robots, an amazing effort considering our tough route in these matches, but meant we'd have to be picked for the finals, rather then choose our partners.

It didn't take long, the third ranked robot snapped us up. A lovely team from Indiana.

This left us in a reasonable alliance, with our robot working perfectly.

The quarter finals were called and we were on, I have to say that we were brilliant, but it was never going to happen, we lost the first match. The second game was much of the same.

So we were out, much heartache and great sadness.

We had worked so hard, our sponsors had been so generous and the school so supportive.

Could we have gone much further, maybe, but the standard in the grand finals was simply awesome, and we must congratulate the other kiwi robots of 'Home School' and 'Kristin' who are now ,deservedly, World Champions.

Can we do better next year, definitely. The journey has been a massive learning curve that has left us better equipped to raise our game to that next level, where we can be very strong challengers for the world title.

Tomorrow we begin the long journey home. We have some time between flights and will take some time to rest.

The boys have been fabulous and a pleasure to be with. They have had some great experiences that will help shape their futures and also impact on the futures of others around them.

What they haven't pointed out in the blog is exactly how hard they have worked, every day has seen work on the robot and preparing interesting blogs, resulting in late nights and early starts. They are a real credit to the school and themselves.

A big thank you must also be given to Eldon Roberts. A massive boost to the success of the trip and great fun to be with, although we were worried and disappointed when he wimped out of finishing a super sized chocolate milkshake (2 litres!).

We'll update the blog with more pictures when we return to New Zealand. Which is definitely the best place in the world to live!

Mr P.


  1. Very unfortunate guys, but congratulations on making it so far.

    We are all so proud of you!!!

    Can't wait to see you all soon.

  2. Mrs. P, Pippa, IzzyApril 25, 2010 at 6:25 PM

    Well done, boys! Quarter-finalists in the World Champs - amazing! Sharing your journey and experiences in America has been fantastic. Thank you for such a great daily blog - we've loved logging on! See you soon, Daddy!

  3. Congratulations boys for a fantastic effort. We feel very humbled that you have done so well. Thanks for the wonderful blog which has kept everyone here so well informed. A huge thank you to Eldon for being a great tour guide and Ben for providing the opportunity for a boys to succeed. Thanks also to the wonderful sponsors. We are looking forward to your return home.

  4. congrads guys! well done on all your hard effort, its a great result for our first world champs, especially considering how much of the season we actually attended. the blog has been really good, thanks for keeping us informed. fantastic work!!!:)

  5. congrats gentlemen...thanks so much for keeping us updated on the blog...we are very proud of you all and see you all soon

  6. Well Done Guys!! Perhaps not the ultimate result you were looking for - but an awesome effort alround.
    Hope you have a good time in LA tomorrow after a very early start.
    Looking forward to seeing you all at the airport Tuesday morning.

  7. I think you all did amazingly well. It was a really tough competition and you were up there with the best. Have a safe journey home :)

  8. Congratulations Team! Sounds like an amazing trip.

  9. Brilliant work guys, to get so far. Have a well deserved rest! 15th in the world is outstanding! See you guys soon.