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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 3

Hey Guys,

Today has been another awesome day in Texas and the sun finally came out!! We went to a huuuuuuge clearance mall with lots of shops at amazingly cheap prices on branded items such as nike, adidas, converse and sketchers. After many hours and empty pockets we hit taco bell for lunch where we discovered lava sauce. Communication errors occured here as they didnt know what hot or chilli sauce was and looked at us like we were stupid!! We then continued onto another shopping complex where we discovered Dicks Sporting Goods, an absoutely huge store filled with everything sports (including guns and crossbows :) !!!) We also visited a games store (for Anthony and Mitch) and Radioshack. For dinner we went to Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant where we had 48 oysters, deep fried alligator and frog legs followed by a main course of 2 pounds worth of crawfish EACH (Mitch chickened out and only had half so he has to do the washing tomorrow.) By the way im still full. After our next visit to Walmart (a bit shorter this time) we came home and watched a movie and got ready for tomorrow.



  1. Good to see you are giving everything a go. It seems like a food tour. Never mind we are eating pumpkin and mashed potatoes each night here. Have a great day at Houston. Roger over and out!

  2. hey guys..haha mum is very jealous of you guys and Dad is slobbering....btw anthony you missed uncle's b-day...we had spicy food for lunch and spicy food for dinner...and deep-fried prawns that tasted and looked like twisties...

  3. And I thought you were going to Texas for a Robotics competition! Plummer, you're onto a good thing with your ECA. Need a helper next year? Know absolutely nothing about robots... but I can shop! C Carter

  4. Mega envy :P

    Haha just jokes, great to hear you're having fun.

    But please remember to win the competition!!!

  5. wat was the alligator like