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Thursday, August 19, 2010

MAGS team rally for 2010/11 season!

As we speak a complex design is being evaluated for the assault on the VEX 2011 championships. The basics of the plan look fantastic!

We have tremendous experience now and are putting it to good use.

Our beautiful 2010 championship winning robot has become a test bed for parts of the new robot and we hope to have that in competition soon.

The team have already begun fund raising and we are hoping to keep our existing generous sponsors.

We have a new programmer, our achiles heal last year, we expect great things, as the new robot will be highly automated to aid the driver. Something we haven't fully achieved in the past.

So the new team are looking good, the ideas are looking good. MAGS world champions 2011. Just maybe.....

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  1. I hope this robot will be at Northcote College on the 4th September