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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 1

Evening guys (it's night time here),

We have had a long day today, 11 hours to LAX from Auckland, then a 5 hour wait for our transfer to Dallas, just enough time for our first American BK breakfast. The Dallas flight then took 3 hours incuding diverting around thunderstorms around Dallas. We then picked up the robot and the SUBURBAN. (Or the Beast as we refer to it!) Driving through Texas we were amazed at the amount of fast food restaurants and steak houses. We then went to our log cabin, which is really awesome. By the way DALLAS IS AWESOME!!! We just got back from looking around Walmart and dinner at Popeyes cajun chicken. Walmart was amazing (and we just went to the food part.) It had everything from peanut butter cups to a gallon of chocolate milk (especially for Eldon) to sausages surrounded in pancakes on a stick. Cant wait for tomorrow although we are not completely sure what we will be doing yet. A look around the rest of Walmart might be in order though.

The Guys


  1. Hi The Guys! Great to hear from you. Sounds as if you're having fun already! Have a good night sleep in your awesome log cabin - hope Mr. P doesn't snore too loudly... Pippa and Izzy.

  2. Hi everyone! From the way you talk about Dallas it sounds as if you guys are having an amazing time already...have a good sleep and have heaps of fun tomorrow!

    P.S Put some pics up please!

  3. Okay, since we didn't get to do 2 things last time you were here, if you have time try one of them now (the other is too far away). For me personally, I've never had a better doughnut. Even if you don't agree, you need to try them at least once anyway, just to experience.


    5118 Greenville Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75206
    Phone: 214-750-5118

  4. Glad you made it! Think Mr R will give Mr P a serious challenge in the snoring department!!

    And for the record, we ate Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts at Knottsberry farm - first thing in the morning while we waited for the theme park to open! Vaguely remember that it was worth the visit.

    The fridge looks huge - just as well - knowing that Eldon is capable of inhaling large quantities Chocolate milk!

    Hope you all have a great sleep and awake ready to rock!!


  5. Glad you have arrived safely. The Beast looks like a great vehicle to learn to drive in. Remember the cheerleading outfit for dad matt!!!Good shopping tomorrow.
    The Milners

  6. Welcome to the U.S.of A. Love hearing your impressions!! By sausages on a stick -- do you mean corn dogs?? Enjoy Walmart and all the other American wonders! The Harp's

  7. Oops ... sorry you don't mean corn dogs! Yes, there really are sausages on a stick wrapped in pancakes in this country!! Don't forget the maple syrup. Linda Harp